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4 Type of Videos that Supports the Customer Journey

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What is the best video for the customer journey that can map across your marketing and sales funnel successfully? Well, in this post, we got you covered with four powerful videos

Each stage of the customer journey has different questions and needs to be answered. It is for that reason that you need to understand what the viewer wants. Then you produce a video that answers that.

A video is a powerful tool used to inspire, educate and invite people into buying your product. It is for that reason that creating videos for the different stages of the customer journey is vital.

There are so many ways in which video can help you to have more customers. Here is what the customer journey looks like when including video:

#1. Awareness: Videos to attract new customers

The viewer has a problem or an interest. They search online to discover more about a topic. Seven out of every ten buyers start their journey by looking for answers on search engines. For business viewers, this number increases to 9 out of 10 buyers.

As Google and Youtube currently hold 92.47% of the search engine market, your video needs to be seen on these search results.

The goal of your video is to be on the buyer’s landscape search. The video has to be entertaining and with great value to attract as many prospects as possible.  

Round-up Video Example – With Locals Channel

#2. Consideration: Videos to engage your audience

The viewer now understands their topic, and they are considering their best option in the market. They realized they needed a solution for a certain problem so that they could shortlist the best options.

Product Video Example – Volvo Trucks Channel

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#3. Decision: Videos to nurture your prospects

At this stage, the viewer is comparing and evaluating the best options and comparing providers to see who offers the best service to their needs.

Company Culture Video Example – Kabbage Channel

#4. Delight: Videos to delight your customers

Delight es the last stage of the buyer’s journey, and it is more than simple customer satisfaction. Customer service, marketing, product, and sales departments all play a significant role here.

This is the part of the customer journey when your customer experiences your product and, hopefully, becomes an evangelist for the brand. Delight happens when you create feelings of unexpected joy. 

Thank You Video Example – Charity Water Channel

The content is different in each step, and the customer needs a guide to support their decision-making process. What better than to walk the customer through amazing videos.

When you are looking to attract new customers, you need to create an awareness stage video. But if you want to engage your audience, you’ll need a consideration stage video. However, if you are near to close a sale, you will need to nurture your prospects and create a decision stage video.

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