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5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Video Marketing

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What to do when your video marketing is not working? Should you change your videos? Could you be the reason why your videos are not working and are affecting your results?

Video marketing is the practice of implementing visual content to connect with your target audience and give information about your brand. If you get this right, you will reach a variety of markets and keep your audience engaged. However, many creators mistake to rush some essential factors that are overlooked and should never forget that video marketing is an ongoing effort that will yield results over time.

In this blog post, we will mention the five most common mistakes made in video marketing.

#1. Losing viewers due to the intro in your video

You need to tailor your videos to each social media platform and remember that what works on Instagram will not work the same for YouTube. One of the biggest mistakes is to have a vague and very long introduction where you will lose the viewer’s attention. You also need to grab your viewer’s attention without sound; it is well known that most users when browsing, will have the sound off.

Add a caption to every video, make sure your content is visually catching, and that it is instantly more appealing to your target audience.

Due to limited media attention spans, you need to make sure you communicate the benefits and call to action at the beginning of the video, about the first 10 seconds of your video. In this way, you will avoid the loss of a large portion of your audience.

This is the way to fix it; the following video is an excellent example of a YouTube video intro that predicts what your viewers will see while also establishing your brand:

The Golden Ratio: Nature’s Favorite Number – Aperture Channel 

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#2. Creating content you think your audience might like

You are creating video content based on your belief rather than what your target audience wants. This is one of the main reasons people won’t find you when typing into search bars online.

A way to fix this is by doing keyword research and discovering what your ideal audience wants. For this, you need to evaluate the search traffic for terms associated with your topic. It will help increase your video’s opportunity to show up in search results on YouTube and Google.

This is the way to fix it; the following video is an excellent example of a YouTube video intro just long enough to allow you to make an impression with trendy topics:

Carbonated Food Taste Test – Good Mythical Morning Channel

#3. Expecting that one single video will attain more than one goal

Creating unique video content with one specific goal in mind is the trick. There are several goals to reach when publishing a video, but expecting that one video achieves all of them is a big mistake. Identify your goals and make sure every video is unique and get one goal each time of publication; some examples are:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Rank #1 in search
  • Get a lot of views
  • New subscribers
  • Increase sales
  • Encourage comments

Your YouTube strategy will be more effective when you craft each YouTube video with a specific goal in mind.

#4. Forgetting to brand your videos

Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up just in the actual video making and forget to include logo, links, and tag lines. Your viewers should be familiar with your:

  • Brand
  • Name
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Contact info.

Remember the primary goal of your video, where the intention will be placed, and who your target audience is. 

This is the way to fix it; the following video is an excellent example of a YouTube video intro template from Sony Vegas/After Effects that showcase how to add a very visually attractive intro to your video:

Free 2D Intro #94 | Sony Vegas Template – Velosofy Channel

#5. Expecting instant results

Expecting a new video to generate instant results, such as shares and visitors to your website, can lead nowhere. Most marketing campaigns take time to nail it and have a return. When videos go viral is more than plain luck because the individual behind the campaign has probably a strategy for distributing their video and sizeable online following. Having sustained and persistent video effort can still yield great results. 

Overnight video marketing successes rarely happen. You need to have a strategy, a planing, and great promotional content.

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