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7 Amazing Videos to Use to Nurture your Prospects and Turn Them Into Actionable Decision-Makers

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Most businesses are aware that their customers go through a typical “customer journey,” moving from stage to stage throughout the process as they get closer and closer to conversion.

One benefit of video marketing is that it’s possible to use video to target each of these stages specifically, allowing you to reach goals beyond just driving sales. 

One common framework for the customer journey has four distinct steps: awareness, consideration, decision, and delight. Here’s how video content is particularly useful in the decision and delight stages. 

Conversion / decision – Bottom of the funnel

The decision stage is where you’ll convince your prospective customer to complete their purchase. The point of sale occurs, you bring in new revenue, and you’ve got a new customer on the books.

Video works wonders for addressing last-minute skepticism in these customers and inching them closer to completing the sale. Here are a few video types to consider.

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1) Company Culture Videos

Show the viewers the human side of your company and connect on an emotional level with them. This adds personality to your company employees. Different ways to do this are to share an employee interview, birthday parties, pranks, and team-building days.

Company Culture Videos Example – Kabbage Channel

2) Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos can be incredible tools because they can add trust and credibility to your brand. A way to do it is by showcasing your product’s features. Testimonial videos are one of the strongest types of videos you can make. It is exciting to share a firsthand testimonial of your customer feedback with a quotation and interviews.

A survey conducted by Dimensional Research found out that 90% of consumers say online reviews influenced their decision to buy a product online.

Testimonial Video Example – Vudini Channel

3) Product review

It is widespread that consumers tend to buy products by consulting their friend’s opinions or other customers’ opinions. People tend to feel inclined to choose a product once they feel like they’re getting an honest take from someone they like and trust.

Ask an influencer for an honest review of your product in exchange for complimentary products.

Product Review Example – Blue Apron Channel

4) FAQ Video

An FAQ video is perfect for the decision stage because it helps to address any lingering doubts or questions that your prospective customers have. If you can anticipate these questions and create a video that offers a compelling answer or solution, you’re one step closer to acquiring a new customer. 

To create an FAQ video, spend some time brainstorming or researching the top questions that your customers may have before they commit to the purchase. If you have salespeople who are in direct conversation with customers, ask if there are any common concerns or questions. Then, draft answers to these questions, and share them on camera.

FAQ Video Example – McDonald´s Canada Channel

5) Demonstration/Instructions Videos

Actions speak louder than words, and there is nothing better than showcasing how your audience can benefit from your product. Your customers want to know if they will get help after purchasing your product, manage their features, and solve their questions.

Demonstration/Instructions Videos Examples – IKEA Channel

6) Personalised Videos

Today’s world is all about personalization. Making a happier customer is making them feel special and providing them a personal touch. Even though this type of video can be beneficial in any stage of the funnel, using it at the bottom will give the final push to purchase.

7) Host a Q+A

Have your audience ask you questions in a live webinar, record the video and then show it repeatedly. This is an excellent video to use as a marketing strategy in your customer’s journey.

Q+A Video Example – MoMa Channel

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