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3 Best videos to delight your customers

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Video marketing is effective even after your lead has made the customer journey.  Making your customers feel appreciated or so-called delight after they make a purchase is vital.

Reaching delight calls for an exceptional interaction with your blog, pricing page, representatives, sales, chat, and product experience. Once this is accomplished, you will obtain a solid relationship with your customers, making them loyal to your brand and advocate for your company.

Knowing your customer’s journey can help you narrow in on your messaging and optimize your efforts. Keep in mind your marketing strategy efforts and call to action so your metrics will be a success. 

Not only your customer service plays a significant role here, but also marketing, product, and sales departments.

This is the part of the customer journey when your customer experiences your product or service and, hopefully, becomes an evangelist for the brand. Your goal here is to provide helpful communication and perfectly solve the customer’s problem.

Delight happens when you create feelings of unexpected joy hat brings customers to feel positive about your brand and spread the word (Business New Daily, 2021).

Here are a few videos to consider for the delight stage.

#1. Thank You Video

A “thank you” video can be the perfect touchpoint to make your customers feel appreciated after they make a purchase. 

To make a thank you video, recruit someone from the company to be the face behind it and share a heartfelt appreciation to the person who purchased your product or service. You may also share a bit more about your company, your mission, and anything else that will help this person connect with your organization.

Thank You Video Example – Charity Water Channel

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#2. Tutorial Videos

If anything about the after-purchase process might be confusing, you may benefit from a tutorial video. Tutorial videos will walk customers through how to use your product or service effectively to meet their needs.

To make a tutorial video, think about what information the customer might need to capture value from their purchase. Then, address the process in a step-by-step video.

By putting some thought behind your video projects, you’ll be able to reach your audience throughout the customer journey and consistently supply helpful, entertaining, or engaging content. Get started with the videos above and continue to build out the rest of your strategy over time. 

Tutorial Videos Example – Car Magazine Channel

#3. Recruitment Videos

Using videos can help you showcase your brand visibility to your customers and candidates to work for you. In fact, the outreach will be double. This method allows you to attract their attention, enhance the experience and delight your customers.

Recruitment Videos Example – What Clinic Channel

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