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10 Amazing Videos that Attract Customers and Increase Awareness

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Videos are transforming how we consume information and are critical for any successful marketing strategy. In this blog we show you videos that work wonders in triggering awareness in customers.

Videos have never been more popular. In fact, Cisco projects that video traffic will make up over 80% of all internet traffic by the end of this year – if it hasn’t already. So if you’re not already invested in videos, you’re missing out on creating crucial awareness for your brand – big time.

The customer journey begins with making them aware of what you have to offer. And nothing does this better than video. So, just what class of video should you be looking at?

Here, we take a look at ten of the videos that work wonders in triggering awareness in customers and getting them to see more of your brand and product at the beginning of their journey.

The Round-Up Video

The round-up video, like this one by With locals, is the ‘list video’ we so often see. You know, the ones that come with a theme of sorts. Short – generally running 4 – 6 minutes – visually stimulating, and boasting different options for viewers, roundup videos often offer viewers a ‘top 5′ or ’10 best’ list of something.

Round-up Video Example – With Locals Channel

Educational Videos

These videos tap into the countless numbers of people trawling the web for information. Educational videos are perfect for providing helpful content, like what Daniel, from Bring Your Own Laptop did here for young designers, and viewers love them because they get something valuable that’s going to help them out.

When putting an educational video together, it’s often a great idea to kick things off by figuring out the questions your audience is most likely to ask, picking the most relevant ones, and then creating a video that answers it.

Educational Video Example – Bring Your Own Laptop Channel

Explainer & Tutorial Videos

Also known as the “How-to” video, these videos are magnets for anyone searching for information to make their lives easier or for ‘hack’-themed queries. Often a little more detailed and specific than educational videos, explainers, and tutorials announce you as an expert in your field whilst opening the door to have some fun.

“How to Use” Video Example – Tech Insider Channel

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The How-not-to-use-your-product Video

As global attention spans diminish, we need to find ways to keep people entertained. How-not-to-use-your-product videos are a genius spin on the tiresome product demo videos. Besides allowing you to demonstrate what your product is capable of, these videos keep audiences riveted with presentations of what your product is not designed to do, like Blendtec’s “will it blend?” smart speaker destruction video. The impact on the sales of their retail products has skyrocketed, because it shows that no matter what, even if you use the product wrong, it will blend anyway.

How-not-to-use-your-product Video Example – Will it Blend Channel

The Brand Video

Ah, the mighty brand video! This type of video has been around for ages, and with good reason. Brand videos allow you to showcase your brand, along with everything associated with it. These videos are emotive information-disseminators and give your audience a good look at who you are as a brand. Check out the iPhone 12 Fumble, where it has a ceramic shield that’s tougher than previous versions. It plays out a scenario that we are all too familiar, like dropping the phone and struggling to catch it. 

Brand Video Example – iPhone Channel

Taking you Behind the Scenes Videos

These videos give viewers a sneak peek into the inner workings of your brand. They build trust and allow you to show off your capabilities and operations. Viewers always enjoy the feeling of getting an ‘exclusive look’ at something – it makes them feel special. 

Behind the Scene Video Example – Lush Channel

Videos Where you Conduct an Interview or you Meet the Team

Think of interview videos as a live Q&A. Inviting an industry expert or peer to discuss your product is the perfect way to take care of any lingering questions or doubts your audience may have. Besides demonstrating your own expertise, these videos also allow you to tap into your guests’ own following, expanding on your marketing reach.

Meet the Team Video Example – Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity Channel

Whiteboard Videos

These videos are cheap, easy to make, and don’t require a movie studio. For some reason, people love to watch handwriting or drawing on the classic whiteboard. For added impact, try to rope in a sketch artist and get creative on the board.

Whiteboard Video Example – Moz Channel

Unboxing Videos

“What’s in the box? What’s in the box?” Okay, this isn’t Se7en, and Brad Pitt probably won’t be in your video, but unboxing videos are great fun for everyone. There’s a certain satisfaction to watching someone unwrap packaging to reveal a shiny new product. These videos are perfect if you’re looking to appeal to people who are entirely unfamiliar with your merchandise.

Unboxing Video Example – Sylvia Gani Channel

Live Presentations or Talks

If you’ve got file footage stashed away of an employee or team member delivering a presentation, now’s the time to put it to work for you. Live talks are great for information-rich videos and product showcases and allow you to pack in as much content as you like in a short space of time. 

So, before you jump in and start creating your next masterpiece, stop and consider what sort of video you want to use to grab the attention of your audience and make them take notice. Whether you’re trying to create awareness by offering some valuable information to your audience, showcasing your brand, or unboxing your latest product, coming up with the right idea for your video should be a little easier now.

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