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Top 5 Videos that Attract the Interest your Brand Deserves

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It’s one thing getting people to take notice of your brand, but a whole other ballgame when it comes to keeping them interested.

Videos are great for creating awareness, keeping people engaged and persuading them to take action, but you need to get them interested in what you have to offer first. 

So, you’ve managed to get people to see you – great job! What’s next? The marketing funnel sends customers in one direction – down. Once they’ve spotted your offerings, it’s time to lock them in and get them moving towards that all-important purchase action. But there are plenty of risks along the way. Competition, apprehension, confusion, distraction – these are just some of the problems which narrow the funnel and reduce your volume of potential customers. But these challenges don’t matter if your audience loses interest before you get to convert them. 

Here, we examine the videos that are ideal for keeping your audience focused on what you have to offer.

1. Product Videos – And Action!

When you think about it, it isn’t that tough to convince someone to buy something. All they really need to know is 1) How much it costs and 2) How it works. Simple right? Wrong. While price tags tell a customer how much something will cost them, proving that what they’re buying can do what you say it can is a little trickier.

Product review videos are great ways to showcase the basics of your product, prove its functionality and inform audiences of its benefits. A video that shows a product in action in its intended environment does wonders in keeping people interested, especially if shot with some creative flair, like Volvo’s epic ad, starring the ever-impressive Jean Claude van Damme.

Product Video Example – Volvo Trucks Channel

2. Explainer Videos – Need I Say More?

Good answers boost interest, and a helpful explainer video identifies an audience’s problem straight out of the gate. With 94% of people reported to watch explainer videos, and over 80% of those compelled in one way or another to make a purchase, it’s hard to ignore the impact these quick-fire (less than 3 minutes) brand introductions can have on your business.

Explainers, like this one from our very own Vudini, focus on how your product or service can solve the audience’s problem, while explaining why you’re the answer to that problem. They often open with a brief intro of who you are and what your business does before outlining a solution and closing with a powerful call to action.

Explainer Video Example – Vudini Channel

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3. Product Tours & The Demo Video – Seeing It to Believe It

Have you ever gone into a store and stared in awe at the millions of different products, all of which seem to do precisely the same thing? You’re not alone. People visiting your site for the first time won’t be interested in reading all that text about what you can do for them. They want to see your product in action, much like Basecamp’s short but powerful “how it works” demonstration video.

These videos come with the added opportunity to give the audience a tour of your product range, showcasing your best sellers and each of their top features. These little demos also tell them everything they need to know about those problem-busting performance capabilities – great for boosting confidence in your brand. 

Demo Video Example – Basecamp Channel

4. The Feature Focus Video – The Star of the Show

This video homes on a specific feature of your product or service. Instead of giving audiences a general overview, the feature focus video highlights that one thing that makes your product a cut above the rest. 

By focusing on one specific attribute and driving home just how important in dealing with their problem this feature is to the customer, the feature focus video is brilliant at keeping people engaged to the very end – much like Wix’s video showcasing their Mobile Editor feature.

Feature Focus Example – Wix.com Channel

5. The Sharing Video –Director’s Cut

Everybody enjoys a good story. Sharing videos are designed to take the audience on a journey from the very beginnings of your product’s life to the moment the customer grabs it off the shelf. This allows the customer a peek into what went into creating the product they’re about to buy.

Sharing videos let you get creative with the narrative, add ‘personality’ to the product, and even have the power to establish a bond between the audience and the product itself, much like what FCP’s coffee journey ad does.

Sharing Video Example – French Coffee Production Channel

Videos have the power to keep people interested in what you want to show them. Countless lines of boring text will bore people to sleep and do more harm than good. Choosing the videos that showcase your brand and product in an engaging and useful way is all you need to keep people on the road to conversion.

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